FrontPage Extensions are system files that need to be present on a web server for particular features of websites created with Microsoft FrontPage to function correctly. In case these files aren't on the server, your Internet sites will still operate, but with limited features and they will probably display errors every now and then. In addition, in case your website hosting provider has FrontPage Extensions on their servers, you will be able to publish your content from the application, eliminating the need to use any third-party FTP client in order to upload files. All you have to do is to enter you website hosting account FTP details in the FrontPage settings and the program will do all the rest. Future updates can be done in the same way, which makes FrontPage an excellent option for people with little or no experience.

FrontPage Extensions in Shared Hosting

We support FrontPage Extensions with each and every shared hosting plan that we offer and unlike numerous hosting companies these days, we won't discontinue thisfeature, so it will be up to you whether you'll start and maintain your worldwide web presence by using FrontPage or another website design software. After all, when you're moving an existing website to our servers, it's likely that you have spent money, time and efforts and we would not like that to go in vain. You will be able to activate FrontPage Extensions individually for each and every domain name or subdomain through the Hepsia Control Panel, so that it will not be a problem to have the main website built with FrontPage and work with a script application in a subdomain for a discussion forum, for instance - they won't interfere at all. If you decide that you wish to move to another platform, you will be able to deactivate FrontPage Extensions with just a few clicks.

FrontPage Extensions in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you have a semi-dedicated server plan through our company, you will be able to use FrontPage to build your site, since FrontPage Extensions are set up on the cloud platform where your website hosting account will be created. Activating and deactivating the feature is done with a couple of clicks and per domain or subdomain through your Hepsia Control Panel which you'll get to control the account, which means that you are able to easily have a FrontPage main site and a blog or a forum script inside a subdomain without any problems. Our system will include all of the system files needed for such a website automatically within the selected folder. Lots of hosting suppliers these days stop the support for FrontPage Extensions, but we would rather leave this choice to you, rather than expecting you to change the web design software which you use and waste all the funds and efforts that you have invested throughout the years in order to create and maintain your site.